Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas

Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas 32.0

Plan a Dream Day Wedding With a lavish Las Vegas resort as your backdrop
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Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas is an adventure and puzzle game. In the game you are shown static images and a list of items that you need to find in these pictures. Usually, you need to find things like luggage tags in a room full of luggage carts, but the higher the level, the better the objects are hidden, and it becomes considerably harder to find them. Also, aside from looking for hidden elements you are faced with certain easy puzzles that you have to solve in-between levels.
All the levels are connected with a common plot. It is your duty to organize the main characters' wedding. By completing the puzzles and levels you get points that you can use to buy things for the wedding. You will spend most of the time trying to find small objects in different rooms. For each level you get a number of hints. These will help you complete a level when you can´t spot an object. There are mini-games throughout the game that help to change the pace and make it hard to get bored.

The graphics are cute and cartoonish, and the music is very pleasant. What I didn't like is that, by the end of the game, some of the tasks and locations start repeating themselves, as I found myself choosing a cake twice that makes the game a bit nonsensical.

All in all, Dream Day Wedding: Viva Las Vegas is an entertaining game that offers a good combination of hidden object games and varied mini-games that make it really fun. It is not very challenging, but help you pass the time in an enjoyable way.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Great cartoonish graphics
  • Pleasant music
  • Great variety of mini-games and puzzles
  • Items are cleverly hidden


  • A bit short
  • Repetition of tasks and locations towards the end
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